Trends in DevOps to be aware in 2018

Trends in DevOps to be aware in 2018

DevOps has evolved a big time in the last few years. It has become a big focus and has moulded the world. This article will explain you about the trends in DevOps to be aware in 2018. Here we have discussed the five facts that shape the future of DevOps. Get more details about DevOps Training in Chennai at FITA Academy.

Automation as the Primary Focus

DevOps speaks a lot about automation. Zero-touch automation will become the future. By understanding the 6 C’s DevOps cycle one should make sure for applying between the automation stages which is the main goal in 2018.

The Adoption of Microservices Architecture increases

Microservices and DevOps are going hand in hand. Microservices are independent entities that don’t create any break other and dependencies when anything goes wrong. This architecture aids organizations make deployments and add new features easily. Nowadays companies are expected to shift to microservices to improve their efficiency and runtime delivery.

Learning to code is expected for Testers

There is a huge demand for DevOps for testers to code and automate scripts to test different cases. Automation scripts and DevOps Online Training tool plays a mandatory role in the software development today and it is dominating this year 2018. Testers await to perish and write their own automated test scripts. Manual testing is outdated in 2018 because it consumes a lot of time. Automation testing not improves efficiency but also safeguard the features and delivers faster to the industry.

Transfer of focus from Pipelines to DevOps Assembly Lines

Pipelines show a complete visualization from source control to production and can see everything in a single pane of glass. This is not related to CI but about CD (Continuous Delivery). In 2018, the move is going to happen from CI pipelines to DevOps assembly lines.

Kubernetes Is Going to develop Significantly

Kubernetes has become the swift developing container technology. This is because of its ease to use and offerings. It has generated an open source community around it. Many technologists and CIO’s have adapted to use Kubernetes around the world, and it is expected to progress in 2018.

More Organization are Expected to Opt for Enterprise Versions

Many Organizations are still in a confusion of whether to generate or buy. We approve you to do the best at and buy the tools as per your needs. This helps you focus on your aims and also improves the production by fully depending on the 3rd party platform. Many organizations are now moving forward for enterprise versions to get on their own infrastructure and for making sure for security purpose.

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