TOP 8 Frameworks of AngularJS

AngularJS Training in ChennaiAngularJS is the best field with tremendous scope and job opportunities in IT industry. At present, there is the range of technologies available for developing the modern websites, applications and more. As the framework is an important part of application development. This is one of the frameworks which are gaining the popularity for its development. Google is maintaining the MVW JavaScript framework by the community of developers. AngularJS Training in Chennai offers the training from top IT professionals as trainers. AngularJS is supporting the wide range of front-end frameworks. They built-in features which will aid you in the application development process.

1. Ionic

Ionic is the front-end framework which is optimized for AngularJS to develop the mobile applications. This framework supports the mobile components by using the AngularJS directives. AngularJS Online Training offers the placements in top IT companies. This is offering the rich user interfaces (UIs) with HTML5 and CSS3. Ionic offers the free and open-source software development kit (SDK) to design the interactive, hybrid applications for touch devices.

2. Mobile Angular UI

This framework is the user interface (UI) for designing the HTML5 mobile applications. This is optimized by the AngularJS and Bootstrap and supports the powerful libraries like fastclick.js and overthrow.js. It offers the mobile components such as overlays, sidebars, switches, scrollable areas and more. You can design the responsive, mobile user-interface as well as to convert desktop web applications to mobile applications.

3. SuperSonic

SuperSonic is a user interface framework which is used for developing the hybrid mobile applications. This integrates any REST API and allows the data interaction on the backend. AngularJS Course in Bangalore follows the unique teaching methodology. Using this framework, you can design the API connected mobile applications for iOS and Android.

4. Lumx

Lumx is responsive front-end framework based on the Google material design guidelines and optimized for AngularJS. This is providing the customizable application design for the functionality and features.

5. Mean.IO

This is the framework with full-stack JavaScript framework for developing the web applications. Using this framework, we can design the dynamic single/multi page hybrid web applications.

6. Radian

This framework is a powerful AngularJS framework based on AMD structure. It is used for writing and deploying the performance web applications. It supports the several file types, such as CoffeeScript, SAAS, JADE and vanilla JavaScript files.

7. Angular UI Bootstrap

This framework is built on top of the front-end framework called Bootstrap. This contains the set of native AngularJS directives based on Bootstrap HTML and CSS components. AngularJS Training Institute in Hyderabad at FITA Academy is the best training institute for learning this Course. It offers the Bootstrap with several directives, such as carousel, alert, date picker, drop down, time picker and more.

8. Angular Foundation

This framework is used to build the front-end framework named Foundation. This offers the several directives based on Foundation’s markup and CSS components. By including the accordion, alert, dropdown, interchange and progress bar.

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