Top 5 Java Web Frameworks

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There are wide varieties of frameworks available for Web developers. Here, I am going to share you the top 5 Java frameworks. A web application framework is a software framework which is helpful to build the web applications such as web APIs (Application Program Interface), web services, web applications, web resources and much more. A wide variety of frameworks provides templates for libraries, at the same time a user can access the database easily.

Spring MVC – (Model, View and Controller)

Spring is a powerful framework which is used to build the wide variety of Java applications. It also provides enterprise services to POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects). Spring framework is integrated with other frameworks such as JSF, Struts 2, Hibernate and much more. A user can also build highly flexible MVC applications with annotations.

Programmers mostly prefer Java framework for web development process. Spring MVC has different add-ons to choose from security authentication, encryption, REST APIs, authorization, etc. It is mainly used for security projects. Spring is designed as a layered Java/J2EE framework which is especially for applied sciences. Know more about spring framework via Spring Training in Chennai. Specialists help you to create the app with wonderful features.


Hibernate framework provides a mapping framework for object-oriented to the relational database. It solves the object-relational problems. Hibernate enables you to communicate with the different database and it requires only a less power. It helps you to perform database operations on Java objects. Get to know how helpful the Hibernate is if you want to learn more reached at Hibernate Training in Chennai. Hibernate helps to communicate with the different database.


GWT stands for Google Web Toolkit. It is an open source tool which helps to create and maintain complex JavaScript applications. GWT highlights reusable approaches to web development, internationalization, bookmarking, remote procedure calls and UI abstraction.

Pros of GWT

  1. GWT is simple and easy to learn
  2. GWT is responsible for creating web application
  3. Google develops GWT which helps to build the mobile and web applications

Play Framework

This framework helps to build web applications with Java and Scala. Play framework is friendly for developers because it changes the web browser.

Pros of Play framework

  1. It can handle large number of error
  2. It highly helps to improve the productivity
  3. Typesafe and Zenexity offer commercial support

Struts 2

Struts are a framework that helps to develop the web application. This framework has set of classes and interfaces that co-operate to solve the complex problems. It mostly functions on MVC model, learn more about struts framework via Struts Training in Chennai. Every day, developers are innovating new applications with great features, if you are interested to create applications approach for FITA Academy for training, once completing training from this institute will definitely help to build applications.

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