Tips and Practices of AngularJS Frameworks

AngularJS Training in ChennaiAngularJS is one of the popular JavaScript libraries for front end development. This is supported and developed by the Google, and it makes the developers create the fast and efficient web applications. For the fresher’s who are interested in starting their career in IT industry, they can join in AngularJS Training in Chennai. Java developers find some of the AngularJS functionality and syntaxes which are bit challenging and those who are new to the Model View Controller (MVC) structure,

Reconstruction of the default directory structure

It will help you to restructure the Angular’s default directories. The default directories will depend on the type of software you are writing. This structure will work well for the smaller projects where you can easily locate files for the specific module.

Once the application grows to the medium or large size, you will be working with the hundreds of files. Try to find the specific module can be every tedious, making more effective to rework the directory structure.  For instance the following directory, the structure to group the logical sections.

Keeping presentation logic out of controllers

This is easy for the programmer to fall into the presentation manipulation of DOM in a controller, which can be MVC architecture. In the MVC architecture, every module is separated into the model, view or controller. The presentation is anything to do with the DOM.  For learning the tips and best practices of AngularJS, join in Angularjs Online Training. For changing the value in any HTML element, you should use the presentation layer to do.

When you are performing the presentation execution in the controller, which can be viewed by breaking the separating the layers. Another developer will go back to maintain the code, you can miss the coding in your controller. They will find it much more manageable to deal with large scale applications.

Track by feature on Repeated Lists

It is easy to write the lists from objects in AngularJS. If you’re working with the DOM, your code will become less efficient. Angularjs Course in Bangalore offers the training from top IT professionals who are working in top IT Companies. You cannot avoid working with the DOM; you can only minimize the number of items.

Using the Dependency Injection

Dependency injection is the broad topic, but we’ll explain it briefly here. This is the way to decouple parts of the application from the main logic. This idea is that you can make the changes to the business logics or models of the application. By passing the dependency, you can pass this dependency to the client.  You can change the code without directly affecting the service. Dependency injection is essential for enterprise-level applications where the code changes and the developers working on the same solution.

Specific Testing Tools

There are many numbers of testing’s, but be carefully in choosing it. Chrome comes with the developer tools, and many developers are using Firefox plug-ins for testing the JavaScript code. For the best practices of AngularJS from the best AngularJS professionals, join in Angular training in Coimbatore.  It is the safest tool to use in the Chrome extension. It is modified version of the JavaScript.

I hope this article will provide you the information about the Tips and Practices of AngularJS Frameworks. For more interesting articles about AngularJS, stay connected with us!

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