Roles and Responsibilities Of Oracle Database Administrator

Responsibilities Of Oracle Database Administrator

Database or simply Oracle is a product of Oracle Corporation and it is a Database Management System. Companies in both the IT and non-IT sectors use the database. Oracle DBA Training In Chennai assists you to know about the Roles and Responsibilities Of Oracle Database Administrator under the mentorship of industry leaders. 

The name of some big brands which use the database is – Dell, CSC, HP, DAMCO, Wipro Ltd, IBM, HCL, NEC. Apart from these IT companies, databases are used extensively by the banking sector. Oracle database is used by banks such as HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Bank, and others, and dba tasks are required. 

The following are some of the Oracle DBA Responsibilities:

  • To update, maintain, and install the Oracle server and application tools. 
  • To backup organization databases and restore the database whenever is required.
  • To control and ensure that only authenticated users only access the database. Monitoring the database is one of the oracle dba responsibilities.
  • To plan for backup and recovery and allocate the databases. 
  • To create primary database storage structures for an application.
  • To create primary objects for an application.
  • One of the dba activities is to Evaluate how much time or money will be needed to complete projects.
  • Create a detailed project layout and make sure the required database is available for the particular project.
  • Monitor the project activities with other teams or divisions are required. This one is essential dba activities.
  • In DBA tasks, Standardized and ensure database security is an important process.
  • Create performance indicators or standards for software development. Oracle DBA Course In Chennai at FITA Academy enables you to get acquainted with how to set up, configure, and administer the Oracle Database.
  • When data problems occur, DBAs start to recognize and resolve the underlying cause. 
  • DBAs are regularly the linchpin of a Companies major projects and initiatives, and they frequently rise to the top of the ranks.

Nowadays, every company uses dba activities to keep its records safe and secure. These businesses also require a dba task to keep their data safe and secure. Therefore the demand for Oracle DBA is increasing day by day. Oracle DBAs get highly paid with other perks and benefits. It is not easy to become an Oracle DBA. One needs to go under rigorous training to be a master in DBA tasks. Understand the oracle dba responsibilities through the Oracle DBA Online Training.