Ethical Hacking Tools and Techniques

Our technology is evolving day by day. The technical issues are also increased due to the advancement of technology. Hacking is the best choice to check certain issues. Ethical Hacking course in Chennai guides you to prevent your data from threats and unknown sources. Enroll here to learn everything shortly. These tools are used to safeguard sensitive information within the networks and systems. Ethical Hacking Tools and Techniques are mainly used for data protection. Learn the advantages and basics of ethical hacking at FITA Academy.

With this tool, an Ethical Hacker surpasses the malware and threats by searching for the weak points. 

Ethical Hacking Tools

There are lots of tools available from different sources. Ethical Hacking Tools help in security navigation and some of the tools are listed below.


It supports different operating systems and allows the use of different devices. Moreover, it supports different decisions.


It is an open-source network scanner that helps to detect vulnerabilities on various hosts. It combines with Nagios monitoring software. Its also different features like multiple hosts, web-based interface and scheduled scans, etc.,

Angry IP Scanner

It supports multiple platforms and it works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It doesn’t need any installation process, it scans both web and local networks. Enroll in an Ethical Hacking Online Course, and learn the scope of ethical hacking.


Open-source security tool helps to maintain and audit the network. It is mostly used to find network mapping, malware, and network audits. 

Burp Suite

This tool helps to conduct security tests. It supports web application testing, it also helps to detect 3000 web applications shortly. 

Moreover, it can recognize malware and bugs with accuracy using scanning tools. Explore an Ethical Hacking app with specialist support.


Latest web app security scanner that automatically discovers vulnerabilities in mobile and web applications. It also helps to recognize dead vulnerabilities using the most advanced scanning technology. Moreover, it requires less configuration and scans more than 8000 web applications in a short duration.

Ethical Hacking Techniques

Ethical Hacking has the potential to scan, test and secure the systems. Some of the techniques are listed below:

  1. Enumeration
  2. SQL Injection
  3. Sniffing
  4. Footprinting
  5. Phishing
  6. Social Engineering
  7. Session hijacking, etc.,

These techniques help hackers to secure the networks and system more securely. 

Ethical Hacking Types

There are different types of hacking, some of them are listed below:

  1. Grey-Hat hackers
  2. Black-hat hackers
  3. Miscellaneous hackers
  4. White-Hat hackers

In India, there are a plethora of opportunities for Ethical Hackers. Enroll Ethical Hacking course in Coimbatore to explore more.

Scope of Ethical Hacking

Today most government organizations need ethical hacking professionals very much. Moreover, there are serious issues with losing sensitive information. Every data needs strong protection. One who wishes to start their career in this field can join FITA Academy for classes.