LoadRunner Training: What is LoadRunner Automation Testing Framework?

LoadRunner is automated performance and test automation testing framework from HP. This testing tool is used to validate the system behaviour and performance of a software application under actual load.  LoadRunner is compatible with all platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Mac and Linux. This automation testing framework is developed by Mercury Interactive Corporation. Later in the year 2006, LoadRunner formally become the part of HP. Now, this automation testing tool is called as HP LoadRunner. When comes to performance and behaviour testing, LoadRunner is most used automation testing tool in the market.

In this article, we are going to discuss about what is LoadRunner and advantages of taking LoadRunner training in Chennai.

In the agile software development life cycle, software developers are imposed to complete massive coding part in short duration. Software development firms are striving very hard to deliver best performing products catering the client personal or business requirement before the deadline. Hence, it leads to several errors and bugs in the coding part, it may affect the performance and behaviour of the software application. In such situation, software testers work with the developers to find bugs in the coding part and debug it.

Nowadays, automation testing tools are used in software testing process as it consume less time, error prone, efficient and requires less man power. HP LoadRunner is widely used automation testing tool used to validate the performance and behaviour of the software application. This testing tool is used to validate rich internet applications, ERP and CRM applications, desktop applications, Web 2.0 technologies and legacy application. This automation testing tool gives you clear insights about the performance of the application under actual load. You can able to stimulate virtual situation to create actual load. This helps the software testers to validate an application under extreme load and validates its performance.

LoadRunner is divided into 3 smaller components:

  • Virtual User Generator allows to determine which action to handle using the Vusers, to generate stress under the application. You need to write scripts to generate various actions like logging on, navigate through application and quitting the program.
  • The Controller is responsible to execute scripts as scheduled by the software tester. You need to tell the controller how many users active, when to active them and keep track them.
  • The results and analysis gives you the detailed results of the load tests in various form. It allows you to get detailed report about the software validation process.

LoadRunner can stimulate hundreds of concurrent users to validate the application through various real-life user load, while gathering the information from the key components such as Web Servers, Database Servers, etc. The results can be analysed in detail and reasons can be explored. You can take LoadRunner training to enrich your skills on automation software testing.

LoadRunner Testing Process:

  • Planning the Test
  • Creating the Vuser scripts
  • Creating the Scenario
  • Running the Scenario
  • Analysing Test Results
  • HP LoadRunner in the Cloud

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