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loadrunner training in chennaiLoadrunner is an enterprise standard and most popular performance and load testing automation software testing framework from Hewlett-Packard. Originally, this software tool is designed by Mercury Interactive. In November 2006, Loadrunner is acquired by Hewlett-Packard as a part of HP software innovations. In agile software development life cycle, software developers are imposed to complete massive coding part in short duration as possible. It leads to various errors and bugs in the coding part that leads to various complications. Thus, software application needs to be validated to check its performance before deployment.

It leads to the expansion of automation testing tools like Selenium, Loadrunner and QTP. In this article, we are going to discuss about the future of LoadRunner automation testing tool and advantages of taking Loadrunner Training in Chennai.

HP Loadrunner is mainly used to validate a system performance and its behaviour under actual load. This testing tool is capable of stimulating hundreds of concurrent users to put the application under rigours load, very similar to real-time situations. This allows the software testers to collect valuable information like Web Servers, Database Servers, Loading time, etc.  The results can be analysed later to explore reason behind the system particular system behaviour.

Loadrunner Vusers is responsible for creating virtual users to generate actual load. These virtual users take the places of real-time users. They can able to access the operating system, web browsers and send request using the HTML protocols. LoadRunner automation tool will examine the software application under various loads simultaneously. This automation testing tool supports several protocols; all these concepts will be covered in our LoadRunner training program.

Why Loadrunner?

In this agile software development process, software applications become very complex and advanced. They can able to tolerate millions of users at a time. It leads to various complication and problems to manage them.

Now, almost every organization is now equipped with complex architecture, servers, network systems, routers, cables and interlinked application. Delivering faulty or problematic application will create massive trouble to particular organization as well as the reputation of the software development industry. So, it is mandatory to validate the software application performance and behaviour before deployment. In such case, manual testing is not the best option, as it is time consuming, error prone, difficult and requires more manpower.

In such instances, the option is to simulate actual load to validate software application under actual load, for which LoadRunner will be the ideal choice. For all the aspiring professionals, taking Loadrunner course in Chennai and Selenium Course in Chennai is recommended to enter software development with good salary package.

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