Advantages and disadvantages of AngularJs

Angularjs training in ChennaiWhat is angularJs?

During angularJs training in Chennai they said that angularJs was launched in the year 2009 and it is an open source web application framework maintained Google and a group of people forming a community which offers great support to its user giving them a great support round the clock. AngularJs can be compared to Jquery. Using angularJs has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a look at them,


  • It enables the developers to created single page application with ease and with great output.
  • With angularjs the developers can build highly responsive websites and with rich design as the developers can bind the HTML data so as to bring the best output.
  • The major feature of angular which is loved by the developers is that the codes are fully testable.
  • AngularJs training institute in Chennai says that the codes and the inputs given in angular are totally reusable which means the developer need not add the same codes repeatedly to bring the desired outputs instead they can reuse it.
  • Unlike other frameworks the angularJs can be written using short codes. The developer need not write
  • The applications made with angularJs can run efficiently on all the computers, mobile phones and tablets.
  • The applications used by angularJs use HTML to run the application where as it uses java script to process the business information.


  • The angularJs is not considered to be safe as the client side authentication should be done very carefully and it’s risky.
  • The angularJs application are not down gradable as one of the javascript is disabled then the whole application would get collapsed and except the basic page.

These are the major advantages and disadvantage of angularJs.

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