5 angularJs interview questions.

Angularjs training in Chennai5 common AngularJs interview questions covered in AngularJs training in Chennai.

  1. How does the AngularJs boot process work?

The following events occur after the page is loaded in the browser.

  • The first thing is that the HTML document is loaded and evaluated by the browser. Second the angular file is loaded and similarly the object is created. Finally, the controller function where the JavaScript file is registered is executed.
  • AngularJs goes through all the angularJs apps and when any angularjs file is located it connects with the controller function.
  • The controller function is executed by the controller functions. It then views the data from the controller and then the page is ready. Doing AngularJs training would give you more details.
  1. Define MVS.

Model View Controller (MVC), is a software design pattern which is iused by the developers to develop web applications. .

  1. What are the major advantages of using AngularJs?
  • A single page application can be easily created using AngularJs in a very tidy way which can be maintained easily.
  • Reusable components are provided by AngularJs which makes the work easy for the developers.
  • AngularJs training Chennai says that when the developer is using AngularJs he does less of coding but in return he gets much functionality.
  • When the applications are developed using angularJs the applications can run on all the major browsers and smart phones, tablets and phablets.
  • Using angularJs the user can get rich user experience which can be responsive in nature.
  1. Define $rootScope.

The JavaScript object which is used to join controllers with the views is called as a Scope. It contains model data. This model data is assed in the controllers by the object called $scope. The parent of all the cope variables is called $rootScope.

  1. How can be a data be validated in AngularJs?

Validation and form filling can be done in an easy way using AngularJs. According to angularjs training institute in Chennai this activity can be done using $dirty and $invalid flags.

  • $dirty- This is used to state that the value has been changed.
  • $invalid- When the user enters an invalid number this is stated.
  • $error- When the user enter the wrong data. That is exact error.

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